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01/02 to 01/30

Top 20 Education Apps

#1 Flash Cards : US Presidents

669% Growth

Free US Presidents Flash Cards

5,109 Users

#2 Math Marathon Word Problems

534% Growth

Math Marathons is a Marathons of Math Word Problems, Here the kids from 1st to 5th grade can run the different Marathons.

6,799 Users

#3 River Springs Moodle

367% Growth

Use this application for quick access to the River Springs Charter School Learning Management System for all of your course rela

4,838 Users

#4 Fun Grapher

345% Growth

Plots functions' graphs on the fly. Supporting implict functions and LaTex expression, can be used as an online equation edi

6,439 Users

#5 Dynamic Periodic Table

334% Growth

The world's most popular periodic table in app form! Dynamic layouts, trends, orbitals, thousands of isotopes, and writeups.

7,847 Users

#6 Basic French Flashcards

289% Growth

Free Flash Cards for the student learning basic French vocabulary

1,933 Users

#7 DynaMath

285% Growth

Learn Math from unlimited examples

7,403 Users

#8 Bill of Rights -Kenya

236% Growth

Learn and get to know more about what is contained in the Bill of Rights, of the Constitution of Kenya.

1,709 Users

#9 Le Petit Érudit

206% Growth

Apprenez quelque chose de nouveau chaque jour!

32,653 Users


197% Growth

Online Typing Tutor

1,203 Users

#11 Flash Cards : Basic Spanish

191% Growth

Free Flash Cards for the student learning basic Spanish vocabulary

2,285 Users

#12 CodeHS

168% Growth

Library of computer science materials forbeginners, with a focus on providing help from real people.

1,321 Users

#13 I love you

163% Growth

I love you, Say it in 30 different languages(audio)(?30???????)

1,274 Users

#14 School Twitter

155% Growth

Simplest Parent Notification System

978 Users

#15 Practice Your Music

153% Growth

PRACTICE YOUR MUSIC te proporciona un grupo musical con el que poder tocar y así poder practicar con tu instrumento. Siéntete pa

2,654 Users

#16 Kids*Typing

143% Growth

It is a practice typing software for kids. ?????????????????

905 Users

#17 The Matrix Calculator

141% Growth

Solve linear equations systems, calculates matrix inverse, eigenvalues, transpose, determinant ...

6,594 Users

#18 Learn German - Wie Geht's

133% Growth

Interactive audio lessons and games for studying German

49,221 Users

#19 interactive eBook

133% Growth

Zanichelli interactive ebook

18,071 Users

#20 Tutor de tipeo

131% Growth

Un tutor de tipeo en español, para aprender mecanografía

19,298 Users

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