Best Chrome Apps

05/28 to 05/29

Top 20 Education Apps

#1 Lightning Type

106% Growth

Typing tutor application with detailed feedback

8,598 Users

#2 Basic French Flashcards

104% Growth

Free Flash Cards for the student learning basic French vocabulary

1,574 Users

#3 the Unit Circle!

103% Growth

A handy interactive guide to the unit circle.

2,810 Users

#4 Spanish Geography Game

103% Growth

Cool Quiz Game that Tests your knowledge of Geography.... in Spanish!

1,673 Users

#5 Horace Mann Middle School

102% Growth

Horace Mann Middle School Link Hub

840 Users

#6 BestAttendance

102% Growth

Easy online attendance tracking for organizations.

799 Users

#7 Vanderbilt Emergency Medicine

102% Growth

The official portal for all things Emergency Medicine at Vanderbilt.

1,027 Users

#8 Revolution K12

101% Growth

Revolution K12 Online Courses and Dashboard

629 Users

#9 CodeHS

101% Growth

Library of computer science materials forbeginners, with a focus on providing help from real people.

1,171 Users

#10 RF Design HQ

101% Growth

This blog will present various Microwave Engineering topics like Radio Frequency Circuit design used in Microwave Wireless syste

513 Users

#11 El Simon de las notas

101% Growth

Aprender jugando a distinguir las notas

3,893 Users

#12 Razor Robotics

101% Growth

The official app for! Provides an easy shortcut toyour favorite robotics education site.

1,025 Users

#13 ???

101% Growth

????????????????????????????????????????????????????*** ?????????????? ***

3,913 Users

#14 Interactive Staff

101% Growth

Click on the staff to hear and see the musical notes

1,462 Users


101% Growth

A simple Chrome Extension to perpare IELTS at home

1,492 Users

#16 Le Petit Érudit

101% Growth

Apprenez quelque chose de nouveau chaque jour!

33,375 Users

#17 TopWay

101% Growth

Seu livro virtual.

7,607 Users

#18 OSCOLA Referencing

101% Growth

OSCOLA Referencing Generator - Get your OSCOLA reference automatically generated for you.

1,353 Users

#19 ???Online

101% Growth


24,066 Users

#20 Learn Italian Free -

101% Growth

Learn Italian in the fastest, easiest and most fun way!

2,536 Users

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