Best Chrome Apps

08/30 to 09/01

Top 20 Education Apps

1 Imagine Learning

141% Growth

Imagine Learning is designed to complementthe Imagine Learning Desktop experience for both teachers and students.

1,382 Users

2 Socrative Student

136% Growth

Socrative Student Chrome App

6,391 Users

3 MathTizzy

120% Growth

Practice your Math Facts

886 Users

4 LanSchool Student

119% Growth

LanSchool Student application for Chromebook

3,213 Users

5 Fraction Percentage Decimal

119% Growth

Divide a square or circle into different colored parts. View in realtime the corresponding percentage,decimal and fraction amoun

1,024 Users

6 Tackk

114% Growth

Ridiculously Simple Creation + Sharing.

928 Users

7 4 Numbers game challenge

112% Growth

Challenge your friends for some Math 24 game!

1,958 Users

8 FlipSnack EDU

111% Growth

Flipping is learning

858 Users

9 Socrative Teacher

111% Growth

Socrative Teacher Chrome App

4,058 Users

10 KidsVideoz

109% Growth

Learn Telugu, Telugu Rhymes, Cartoons, Alphabets and much more.

874 Users

11 Newsela

109% Growth

Newsela - Great news for literacy!Find the volume of?à

15,128 Users

12 Discovery Education

109% Growth

Explore your curiousity!

3,046 Users

13 IQ Polls

109% Growth

IQ Polls is a voting tool for presentations. Create polls and receive audience"s feedback (with SMS or WEB browser) in real-time

570 Users

14 MathPapa

109% Growth

A Step-By-Step Calculator For Learning Algebra

624 Users

15 Front Row

108% Growth

Differentiated math instruction.

592 Users

16 Create Random Assignments (Education)

108% Growth

“Create Random Assignments” is a program that allows an instructor to generate a set of assignments where each student gets a…

1,209 Users

17 eduCanon: Interactive Video Unleashed

108% Growth

Deliver video like you teach! Your free tool to embed rich, dynamic questions into online video and track student understanding.

982 Users

18 Pixton Comic Maker EDU

108% Growth

(Schools Version) Inspire students to express themselves with comics! Visual writing tool perfectfor any subject and skill level

11,610 Users

19 URI Online Judge

108% Growth

URI Online Judge - Problems and Contents

650 Users

20 ExitTicket

108% Growth

A Student Response System for Exit Tickets and Formative Assessments

7,400 Users

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