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01/27 to 01/28

Top 20 Education Apps

#1 Bhagavad Gita

103% Growth

Presentation of Srimad Bhagavad Gita with chanting, Sanskrit text, Roman transliteration and English translation.

836 Users

#2 How many Millions in a Billion

103% Growth

Convert among large number like million, billion, trillion and so no...

558 Users

#3 Ambi RPN Calculator and Language - App

103% Growth

The best way to work with numbers!

536 Users


102% Growth

KidRef - tracking children"s development

1,285 Users

#5 Pairingfor Early Science Lite

102% Growth

Pairing activity with science theme for young learners

883 Users

#6 Who

102% Growth

The source persons: Programming languages version :-)

796 Users

#7 Open Hardware Hub

102% Growth

Open Source Hardware Projects

654 Users

#8 English Malay Dictionary

102% Growth

Mykamus English Malay is an online free translation dictionary. You can use instant search box to get instant suggestion of the…

2,509 Users

#9 Fast Track Thai

102% Growth

Vocabulary tracker, quizzer, learning material and dictionary. Teach yourself Thai quickly.

1,054 Users

#10 English Italian Translator

101% Growth

English Italian Translator converts the text into Italian or another language of your choice.

544 Users

#11 Translate Ninja

101% Growth

Translates text to a language of your choice, ninja style!

3,975 Users

#12 KanjiPlay

101% Growth

Practice the Kanji!

1,593 Users

#13 PC Material

101% Growth

Free energy conversion engineering material ...

903 Users


101% Growth

Revision notes for Leaving Cert. and Junior Cert.

2,493 Users

#15 English Verbs

101% Growth

English verb conjugation.

2,927 Users

#16 Learning Computing

101% Growth

Shortcut to, for those who dont like to type!

1,658 Users

#17 Go Learn Chinese Vocabulary Trainer

101% Growth

Learn Pinyin for Simplified Characters. Expand your vocabulary by copy and pasting Chinese Websites.

2,058 Users

#18 SAT 1200 Words in 30 Days

101% Growth

Home language mapped on word bank (TOEFL 5000, IELTS 4000, GRE 5000, SAT 4000),This resource are open to tutors who can modify a

694 Users

#19 I Love My Ebooks

101% Growth

Live and learn. -- I love my ebooks.

1,412 Users

#20 English Irregular Verbs

101% Growth

Tout pour apprendre les verbes irréguliers anglais.

1,445 Users

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