Best Chrome Apps

04/15 to 04/16

Top 20 Education Apps

1 AIRSecureTest

116% Growth

Platform for delivering secure assessments

17,035 Users

2 Sycamore Education

110% Growth

Sycamore Education is a web-based student information system and school management system

887 Users

3 Traductor Español

107% Growth

Traductor Espa?«¬á- Traducir espa?«¬áa otros idiomas.

552 Users

4 myLexia

107% Growth

Use of this program requires an active Lexia account. If you do not have a username and password, please contact your school for

598 Users

5 Pear Deck Beta Preview

107% Growth

for Active Classrooms

633 Users

6 Chronological Age Calculator

106% Growth

Calculates the age of two dates in Years, Months, Dates.

716 Users

7 ExtempEngine

105% Growth

Virtual extemp box and index. Auto-updates. Offline optimized.

824 Users

8 Russian vocabulary. Wilogio Words.

104% Growth

Wilogio Words is the most effective app for learning foreign words.

555 Users

9 ScoreNexus TOEFL Practice Tests

104% Growth

TOEFL Online Practice Tests

1,359 Users

10 KidsVideoz

104% Growth

Learn Telugu, Telugu Rhymes, Cartoons, Alphabets and much more.

885 Users

11 TestNav

104% Growth

Online Testing App from Pearson

7,716 Users

12 Word2Memo

104% Growth

Word2Memo is a tool for collecting and expanding vocabulary.

721 Users

13 Efecto Brasil (Portugués)

104% Growth

Aprender Portugués en Argentina

744 Users

14 English Adventure 1

104% Growth

The best educational game for students of English.

717 Users

15 Typing Test

103% Growth

This typing test app will check your typing skills. Choose between different stories. Type as accurate and as quick as possible.

1,887 Users

16 todo

103% Growth

what todo brought to Packaged Apps.

858 Users

17 Pearson OpenClass

103% Growth

OpenClass is a new kind of learning environment that goes beyond the LMS.

37,370 Users

18 Deutsch Englisch Übersetzer

103% Growth

Deutsch Englisch ?óersetzer - Text ???tzen Sprache Ihrer Wahl.

1,055 Users

19 ROBLOX 3D Preview Plugin

103% Growth

Collaborate Anywhere

3,835 Users

20 Wörterbuch Latein

103% Growth

Lateinisch-Deutsches Wörterbuch von Navigium

667 Users

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