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11/27 to 11/28

Top 20 Education Apps

#1 myLexia

105% Growth

Use of this program requires an active Lexia account. If you do not have a username and password, please contact your school for

1,995 Users

#2 Translate Ninja

105% Growth

Translates text to a language of your choice, ninja style!

1,300 Users

#3 Discovery Education

105% Growth

Explore your curiousity!

10,678 Users

#4 ScoreNexus TOEFL Practice Tests

104% Growth

TOEFL Online Practice Tests

1,246 Users

#5 2000 ACT Flashcards

104% Growth

Home language mapped on word bank (TOEFL 5000, IELTS 4000, GRE 5000, SAT 4000),

1,212 Users

#6 Fill the Gap Lite

104% Growth

Spelling and literacy

1,954 Users

#7 IQ Polls

103% Growth

IQ Polls is a voting tool for presentations. Create polls and receive audience"s feedback (with SMS or WEB browser) in real-time

566 Users

#8 MathBoard

103% Growth

MathBoard is a fantastic math learning tool appropriate for all ages from kindergarten through elementary school.

1,214 Users

#9 OER Commons

103% Growth

High-quality OER, tools, and training to navigate the brave new world of Open Ed. Welcome to the education renaissance.

2,251 Users

#10 Tackk

103% Growth

Ridiculously Simple Creation + Sharing.

1,468 Users

#11 Orbiting Eden

103% Growth

Interactive Orrery and Space Simulator

972 Users

#12 Ultimath Whiteboard

103% Growth

The elementary math teaching aid using the model method

551 Users

#13 Periodex

103% Growth

Elegant periodic table of elements

2,893 Users

#14 Geddit

103% Growth

Student powered classrooms

2,193 Users

#15 Dissect A Frog

103% Growth

If you like biology and anatomy, Dissect a Frog game is for you. Use pins, scalpel, scissors to dissect and identify the organs.

2,752 Users

#16 4 Numbers game challenge

103% Growth

Challenge your friends for some Math 24 game!

2,085 Users

#17 Bhagavad Gita

103% Growth

Presentation of Srimad Bhagavad Gita with chanting, Sanskrit text, Roman transliteration and English translation.

612 Users

#18 URI Online Judge

103% Growth

URI Online Judge - Problems and Contents

660 Users

#19 Instreamia Spanish

103% Growth

Learn Spanish with free courses

1,365 Users

#20 HeyMath! from Singapore

103% Growth

Get the complete Singapore Math system - a huge animated lesson bank and adaptive tests to master concepts at your own pace

1,214 Users

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