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09/15 to 09/16

Top 20 Education Apps

#1 Gospel Puzzles 123 Game

106% Growth

Gospel Puzzles 123 App is teaching kids basics about numbers and counting.

666 Users

#2 English Irregular Verbs

102% Growth

Tout pour apprendre les verbes irréguliers anglais.

553 Users

#3 LingQ

102% Growth

Learn Languages on the go - English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Swedish

674 Users

#4 Skill Builder Spelling Beta - By Kaiserapps

102% Growth

A completely offline spelling application.

628 Users

#5 CJFallon

101% Growth

The CJ Fallon eBook Reader provides access to all of our Primary and Post-Primary online resources.

1,125 Users

#6 GRE 1200 Words in 30 Days

101% Growth

Home language mapped on word bank (TOEFL 5000, IELTS 4000, GRE 5000, SAT 4000),This resource are open to tutors who can modify a

3,185 Users

#7 Russian Dictionary

101% Growth

An instant and reliable Russian Dictionary and Thesaurus. It explains the meaning of Russian words.

1,043 Users

#8 ABA English - Level Test

101% Growth

Check your English level

3,683 Users


101% Growth

Your 100% Confidential Professional Writing Service

3,060 Users

#10 Talking Games Gossip - Duckie Deck

101% Growth

Parents and children alike should find this game very entertaining and well worth your time.

731 Users

#11 Interactive Periodic Table

101% Growth

Clickable and interactive periodic table of elements.

913 Users

#12 The EduRace

101% Growth

Are you ready for the EduRace?

547 Users

#13 italki

101% Growth

Become fluent in any language with italki!

2,636 Users

#14 Learn Hebrew - Immersia

101% Growth

An adventure game for learning hebrew. You can now learn to SPEAK Hebrew (yeah, using speech recognition) faster than ever befor

789 Users

#15 MathBoard

101% Growth

MathBoard is a fantastic math learning tool appropriate for all ages from kindergarten through elementary school.

960 Users

#16 Typing Test

101% Growth

Do you want to know how fast you can type? This is a quick and easy typing speed test that reports speed and accuracy.

2,620 Users

#17 Typo Express

101% Growth

Typo Express - A fun and addictive typing App. will Helps improve your typing speed and accuracy in a fun and challenging way.

837 Users

#18 MolView

101% Growth

MolView is a web application for editing, searching and viewing chemical structures.

1,366 Users

#19 Virtual Keyboard

100% Growth

Type text using a Virtual Keyboard. It provides text input assistance by including virtual keyboards.

8,255 Users

#20 Learn Arabic - Salaam

100% Growth

Interactive audio lessons and games for studying Arabic

4,858 Users

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