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02/27 to 02/28

Top 20 Education Apps

#1 the Unit Circle!

121% Growth

A handy interactive guide to the unit circle.

2,384 Users

#2 Lightning Type

115% Growth

Typing tutor application with detailed feedback

6,175 Users

#3 BackChannel Chat

108% Growth

Real time discussions designed for educators.

3,085 Users

#4 Pics4Learning

107% Growth

Free Copyright-Free Photos for Education

11,224 Users

#5 Periodic Table of Elements

107% Growth

A Periodic Table of Elements that includes density, temps, weight, etc.

32,375 Users

#6 Dynamic Periodic Table

107% Growth

The world's most popular periodic table in app form! Dynamic layouts, trends, orbitals, thousands of isotopes, and writeups.

5,728 Users

#7 SPMS® by Vantage Learning

106% Growth

An Adaptive Learning Platform™ which uses Computer Adaptive Testing for continuous cross-curricular student skills assessments.

594 Users

#8 Logo Interpreter

106% Growth

Teach your Kids Computer Programming !

1,827 Users

#9 Who

106% Growth

The source persons: Programming languages version :-)

731 Users

#10 Surface Area of a Sphere

106% Growth

Computes surface area of sphere based on given radius of the sphere. Also calculates Volume.

639 Users

#11 NASA Images...On the Go!

106% Growth

This app was designed to better fit your smartphones.

721 Users

#12 Realinx

106% Growth

A new, easy way to organise information according their relationships.

569 Users

#13 Angle Conversion

105% Growth

Convert among measure of angle viz., degree, radian, mil, grad, minute, second, point, circle etc.

773 Users

#14 Learnerator Exam Prep

105% Growth

Learnerator is making exam prep accessible and fun

768 Users

#15 Koorsoos Typing

105% Growth

Test your typing skills with this HTML and Javascript app.

2,685 Users

#16 Word card

105% Growth

Small, easy and work offline, lets create your own word cards everyday !!!

544 Users

#17 Sycamore Education

105% Growth

Sycamore Education is a web-based student information system and school management system

776 Users

#18 Hindi-English Dictionary

105% Growth

Free Hindi-English Dictionary : Translate any Hindi word to English by KHANDBAHALE.COM

1,046 Users

#19 Pairing for Early Science Lite

105% Growth

Pairing activity with science theme for young learners

924 Users

#20 Chemistry Quiz

104% Growth

Interactive and easy to use chemistry quiz as a perfect companion for chemistry stuidies

1,106 Users

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