Best Chrome Apps

07/19 to 07/21

Top 20 Education Apps

1 Socrative Teacher

112% Growth

Socrative Teacher Chrome App

695 Users

2 Calorie Calculator

106% Growth

Calorie Calculator searches for your food and tells you the amount of calorie contained in it.

709 Users

3 Top Hat

106% Growth

Student Engagement for the Modern Educator.

648 Users

4 ABA English - Level Test

106% Growth

Check your English level

1,371 Users

5 Translate

105% Growth

Language Translation helps you translate text to a language of your choice, try a non English text as well!

3,822 Users

6 Booktrack Classroom

105% Growth

A new way to learn: Booktrack is a must-have for readers and writers alike.

1,000 Users

7 Russian Dictionary

104% Growth

An instant and reliable Russian Dictionary and Thesaurus. It explains the meaning of Russian words.

566 Users


104% Growth

Engaging, adaptive K-12 math and language arts practice. Discover the joy of learning with IXL!

2,795 Users

9 English Verbs

104% Growth

English verb conjugation.

1,667 Users

10 Plotly

104% Growth

Beautiful graphs. Powerful analytics. Online. Free.

2,995 Users

11 Socrates Quotes

104% Growth

Quotes of Socrates, classical Greek Athenian philosopher, credited as one of the founders of western philosophy

722 Users

12 English to SpanishTranslator

103% Growth

English to Spanish Translator converts the text into Spanish or another language of your choice.

919 Users

13 Pearson Knowledge Base

103% Growth

Pearson Knowledge Base app

2,059 Users

14 Learn Danish

103% Growth

This app is designed to teach you and help you learn Danish for free through vocabulary, phrases, grammar and flashcards…

753 Users

15 Flash Cards : Simplifying Fractions

103% Growth

Free Flash Cards to practice simplifying fractions.

666 Users

16 Instreamia Spanish

103% Growth

Learn Spanish with free courses

989 Users

17 Astronomy Simulations & NASA Photo

103% Growth

Simulations and animations for astronomy education. Topics include seasons, moon phases... and NASA Photo of the Day

1,455 Users

18 Bookalize

103% Growth

Learn Free Online Courses, Browse Video Tutorials, Students Deals and Discounts

1,414 Users

19 Binary Calculator

103% Growth

binary converter. Supports all types of variables, including single and double precision IEEE754 numbers.

2,009 Users

20 The Word of the Month

103% Growth

The Word of the Month: A monthly look at a word in the headlines

668 Users

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