Best Chrome Apps

03/31 to 04/01

Top 20 Education Apps

#1 Pics4Learning

110% Growth

Free Copyright-Free Photos for Education

14,373 Users

#2 School in Mobile

105% Growth

On the go- School Learning, the Green way

1,165 Users

#3 Math Marathon Word Problems

104% Growth

Math Marathons is a Marathons of Math Word Problems, Here the kids from 1st to 5th grade can run the different Marathons.

2,633 Users

#4 Wixie - EvaluationVersion

103% Growth

Online Authoring for Education

1,639 Users

#5 jolecule

103% Growth

looking at proteins and DNA in the cloud

1,527 Users

#6 Razor Robotics

103% Growth

The official app for! Provides an easy shortcut toyour favorite robotics education site.

1,050 Users

#7 IFS Workbench

102% Growth

View, edit, and animate iterated function system fractals

634 Users

#8 Yiddish Slang Dictionary

102% Growth

Dictionary and flashcards for learning Yiddish slang. WARNING: Some words are not bubbe-friendly.

956 Users

#9 Math Can Buy

102% Growth

Create wealth with your math skills

917 Users

#10 Lightning Type

101% Growth

Typing tutor application with detailed feedback

9,316 Users

#11 ???Online

101% Growth


28,299 Users

#12 Le Petit Érudit

101% Growth

Apprenez quelque chose de nouveau chaque jour!

31,695 Users

#13 Logo Interpreter

101% Growth

Teach your Kids Computer Programming !

1,914 Users


101% Growth

A simple Chrome Extension to perpare IELTS at home

1,502 Users

#15 Learn Thai Free -

101% Growth

Learn Thai in the fastest, easiest and most fun way!

2,341 Users

#16 Cool Flash Cards : Basic German

100% Growth

Free Flash Cards for the student learning basic German vocabulary

721 Users

#17 School Twitter

100% Growth

Simplest Parent Notification System

1,018 Users

#18 Revision Quizzes

100% Growth

Create and do quizzes to aid revision and learning

767 Users

#19 Skritter

100% Growth

The write way to learn Chinese and Japanese

1,696 Users

#20 Vanderbilt Emergency Medicine

100% Growth

The official portal for all things Emergency Medicine at Vanderbilt.

1,060 Users

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