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04/21 to 04/22

Top 20 Education Apps

1 Deutsch ‹bersetzer

104% Growth

Deutsch ?ůersetzer - ?ůersetzen von text in andere sprachen.

644 Users

2 Language Translator

103% Growth

Language Translator helps you translate the text of your choice to one of many popular languages.

2,521 Users

3 TŁrkÁe ?ngilizce «eviri

102% Growth

T???Ingilizce ?—viri - seĶ??giniz dilde metin ?—vir.

771 Users

4 Gospel Puzzles 123 Game

102% Growth

Gospel Puzzles 123 App is teaching kids basics about numbers and counting.

611 Users

5 California CDL Practice Tests

102% Growth

California CDL Practice Tests is a comprehensive app for helping you pass the California CDL exam.

523 Users

6 TranslateAll Language

102% Growth

Translate All Language helps you translate text of any language to a language of your choice.

985 Users

7 Fun Grapher

101% Growth

Plots functions' graphs on the fly. Supporting implict functions and LaTex expression, can be used as an online equation edi

1,831 Users

8 ROBLOX 3D Preview Plugin

101% Growth

Collaborate Anywhere

4,271 Users

9 Los Colores

101% Growth

game to entretain and help babies learn the colors their written name and pronunciation

513 Users

10 Chronological Age Calculator

101% Growth

Calculates the age of two dates in Years, Months, Dates.

764 Users

11 March on Washington

101% Growth

March On Washington is a multi-device web experience developed by UNIT9 and Organic, with help from friends at Google.

1,164 Users

12 Bill Gates Quotes

101% Growth

Quotes of Bill Gates, one of the best-known entrepreneurs of the personal computer revolution

1,661 Users

13 Compare Cars

101% Growth

Compare Cars allows you to search cars from all over the world and compare the specification between two cars side by side.

1,062 Users

14 Floqq

101% Growth

Floqq is the biggest marketplace for video courses.

603 Users

15 Virtual Keyboard

101% Growth

Type text using a Virtual Keyboard. It provides text input assistance by including virtual keyboards.

2,525 Users

16 Traductor EspaŮol

101% Growth

Traductor Espa?ꨊ- Traducir espa?ꨊa otros idiomas.

621 Users

17 A formular (quimica inorganica)

101% Growth

Quimica inorganica (formulacion). Aprende de forma divertida a formular y nombrar compuestos

3,406 Users

18 How many Millions in a Billion

101% Growth

Convert among large number like million, billion, trillion and so no...

691 Users

19 Learning Computing

101% Growth

Shortcut to, for those who dont like to type!

1,543 Users

20 Astronomy Simulations & NASA Photo

101% Growth

Simulations and animations for astronomy education. Topics include seasons, moon phases... and NASA Photo of the Day

506 Users

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