Best Chrome Apps

08/27 to 08/28

Top 20 Education Apps

1 Periodic Table-Chemistry Tools

115% Growth

Interactive periodic table of elements

2,979 Users

2 Discovery Education

115% Growth

Explore your curiousity!

2,457 Users

3 ESL Plan a Picnic

112% Growth

Conversational ESL Lesson 2, Plan a Picnic

789 Users

4 GBS Library To Go

111% Growth

Get the GBS Library"s official Chrome app!

1,287 Users

5 Booktrack Classroom

109% Growth

A new way to learn: Booktrack is a must-have for readers and writers alike.

1,522 Users

6 Socrative Student

109% Growth

Socrative Student Chrome App

4,105 Users

7 Periodic Table

109% Growth

Clear periodic table of chemical elements.

3,574 Users

8 Interactive Periodic Table

109% Growth

Clickable and interactive periodic table of elements.

654 Users

9 Front Row

108% Growth

Differentiated math instruction.

548 Users

10 March on Washington

108% Growth

March On Washington is a multi-device web experience developed by UNIT9 and Organic, with help from friends at Google.

888 Users

11 AIRSecureTest

108% Growth

Platform for delivering secure assessments

9,186 Users

12 ESL, Order a Pizza

107% Growth

Conversational ESL Lesson 1, Order a Pizza

1,448 Users

13 DinoSearch

107% Growth

DinoSearch is a child friendly Search Engine which blocks adult websites.

952 Users

14 Nearpod

106% Growth

An all-in-one solution for the use of mobile devices and computers in education

11,870 Users

15 Newsela

105% Growth

Newsela - Great news for literacy!Find the volume of?à

12,352 Users

16 ARBookFinder

105% Growth

This free, online book-searching tool from Renaissance Learning™ helps students, parents, and teachers search for appropriateboo

12,891 Users

17 Learn Danish

105% Growth

This app is designed to teach you and help you learn Danish for free through vocabulary, phrases, grammar and flashcards…

778 Users

18 myON

105% Growth

With access to thousands of award-winning digital books, the myON app lets readersdownload titles for offline, anywhere reading.

2,667 Users

19 Geddit

105% Growth

Student powered classrooms

1,175 Users

20 Pixton Comic Maker for Google Chromebooks™

105% Growth

Inspire students to express themselves with comics! Visual writing tool perfect for any subject and skill level.

24,284 Users

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